IT Audit 

Cyber-criminals are becoming more sophisticated and collaborative with every coming year, we will help you to establish the best strategy including organization, governance, metrics, process, and technology deployment, by meeting legal and regulatory compliance. Our network security methodology evaluates your systems and provides you with a complete view of your risks:

  • Technical safeguards – external and internal evaluations of your firewalls, network infrastructure (including Cloud and MDMs), logical access controls, servers, security protection systems, wireless networks, etc.
  • Physical safeguards – physical controls over network equipment and data including data centers and server rooms, cameras, and physical access controls.
  • Administrative safeguards – policies, procedures, plans, forms, security training materials, incident response plans, business continuity, cyber insurance, and related documents.

Our report identifies specific vulnerabilities and provides detailed instructions to mitigate or eliminate each risk.

Your clients, customers, and prospects are concerned about your security and want peace of mind that you chose the right auditor and your systems are secure.

Risk Assessment

security risk could have a negative impact on your organization’s image, revenues, ability to meet deadlines, or accomplish an objective. Our risk management services provide a top-down approach to security:

  • Risk assessment – Our experts identify your assets and threats to the assets.
  • Risk analysis – We identify the likelihood of the event and impact on your organization.
  • Risk treatment – We identify preventive, detective, and corrective controls that reduce risks to acceptable levels. We identify gaps and safeguards that need to be implemented.